FANS: free leisure centre use for promising athletes

Inspiring healthy lifestyles are committed to providing opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential in sport.

What is FANS?

FANS stands for Free Access for National Sportspeople and is a scheme designed to provide support to the county’s leading talented sports performers.

FANS provides nationally ranked sports people with free access to many of Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure facilities.

What do I get as a FANS member?

You'll enjoy complimentary use of facilities at our leisure centres across the borough of Wigan, including Robin Park Arena.

This includes free access to gyms, running track, swimming pools during off peak periods - that's between 7:30am and 5pm on weekdays, and anytime on weekends.

Am I eligible?

Athletes must be:

  • Aged 14 or above (with the exception of gymnasts)
  • Reside in Wigan (or their club must be based in Wigan), and
  • If a team sport player - a current member of a national team or squad, or
  • Individual performers - currently listed in the top 10 of their national age group ranking at the end of the previous competition season.

How do I apply?

Complete the application form below, uploading when requested as a PDF or Word document proof of national ranking in your chosen sport (if you are unsure about what's required please contact your sport's NGB), OR add a link to a web page (URL) featuring your national ranking or performance level in that sport. Here's a list of all eligible sports.

What happens next

Once we receive your application we aim to update you within 10 working days of our decision and next steps if applicable.

If you are successful in your application we will provide you with a letter confirming your FANS membership that you will take to your preferred leisure centre for proof of eligibility. Then you can start enjoying our fantastic facilities!

Terms and conditions

FANS members must contact leisure centres if wishing to use any bookable facilities relating to sport and training, such a tennis and badminton courts. Membership to the scheme is valid for 12 months, pending continued sports performance at National or International level. Use of facilities is conditional on there being no disruption to other users or additional costs. Inspiring healthy lifestyles reserve the right to withdraw membership if the scheme is abused in any way. Inspiring healthy lifestyles reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the scheme, as well as withdraw the membership of any athlete deemed no longer to fit the criteria of the scheme or who is no longer operating within the “spirit” of the scheme.

What we ask from FANS members

In return for membership of the FANS Scheme, you will be requested to make every effort to attend promotional events within the borough as requested by any of the participating partners and facilities.

Need more information?

Contact Katie Eastwood, Inspiring healthy lifestyles' Club and Workforce Officer

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